Vittoria Pista Speed


En af verdens hurtigste lukkede ringe til banecykling.

Specielt fremstillet til indendørs baner (træ).

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The premium indoor track racing tire

From the cote d’azur to the blue line, every meter of the velodrome is a canvas on which the history of cycling is written. The Pista Speed is a classic, indoor tubular designed for speed on wooden tracks to help you add your name to the boards.

Supple but not sluggish, durable but not jarring, traditional but not archaic – the Pista Speed combines time-tested track technology with our own revolutionary Graphene compound and a casing so supple you can feel every variation in the wood’s surface without any of the buzz. The Pista Speed is proven with multiple European, Olympic, and World Championships, but it can only be appreciated when you feel it on the boards yourself.

320 TPI Corespun-K Casing

Lightweight cotton and durable aramid, spun in a 320-TPI casing that combines the former’s intuitive, supple ride quality with the latter’s abrasion resistance. Small impacts are smoothed, track buzz is muted, and rolling resistance is reduced. 

Graphene 1C Compound

A revolutionary compound engineered with Graphene for high grip, minimal rolling resistance, and low weight. Simple, supple, superlative, and ideal for the velodrome.  

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19-28, 23-28


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